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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Near Al Noor Eye Hospital
, Mogadishu

Phone number+252 618 515 416 | +252 698 515 416 | +254 734 245 154 | +254 723 284 957

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Contact Person Mr. Aidarus Abubakar
Founder/Managing Director

Phone+252 618 515 416, +254 721 163 334


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OrganisationFinland-Somalia Association

Project typeProduction, marketing or activity involving transfer of know-how or technology,; Other long-term partnership

Project abstractSolarGen Technologies, a Somali company specialised in renewable energy solutions, is searching for Finnish partners to scale up the design, engineering, and operations of mini-grids in Somalia for residential and commercial use.

Project descriptionThe company, established in 2012 is based in Mogadishu and currently employs 38 persons.

The company’s main products include solar-powered mini-grids, solar powered pumping systems, solar home systems, solar back up systems, and solar street lights.

The customers so far have been primarily donor and NGOs investing in solar water and energy solutions for communities in Somalia. SolarGen also has a growing private customer base, including large-scale farmers and residential consumers of smaller home systems.

The company is currently looking for a partner to support feasibility studies to hybridize with solar technology existing mini-grids in mid-size Somali cities. Almost all electricity in Somalia is provided by operators of diesel-powered mini-grids. These operators usually have inefficient systems and charge unaffordable rates for many households. We are proposing partnering with an existing operator to carry out a full energy audit of his system to include generation, transmission, and metering. We would then carry out a feasibility study on increasing the capacity of the system through the installation of solar-powered generation, as well as repairing or redoing the transmission lines and adding smart metering for all households and businesses. Once the feasibility study is complete, we would work with the operator to mobilize resources through equity schemes and/or sharia-compliant debt offerings in order to make the capital purchases in the upgrading of the system.

See below a concept note on mini-grids in Somalia.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €2 - 10 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Certifications, standardsBusiness Registration in Somalia and Kenya

Already engaged in international co-operationyes

Percentage of transnational activities50% or more