PT Bahtera Bumi Baru

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IndustryManufacturing engineering and machinery

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Rawamekar Jaya 10
, Tangerang City
Indonesia Indonesia

Phone number+62 21 75883720

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OrganisationPrivate consultant

Project typeJoint venture; Production, marketing or activity involving transfer of know-how or technology

Project abstractPT Bahtera Bumi Baru (a.k.a. ‘3B’ ), an Indonesian company specialised in precision metal parts manufacturing, is searching for Finnish technology and expertise for a joint venture in Precision Metal manufacturing and other metal production and engineering for the automotive industry .

Project description

The company, established in 2013, is based in Tangerang City, Indonesia, and currently employs 25 persons. The company is seeking technological transfer for the precision manufacturing process of their range of metal products. This could include an expansion of their current operations or a completely new possibilities of production. 3B would also welcome co-operating as a materials supplier or subcontractor in the production process of the Finnish partner company also.

According to the company this project is open to discussion in more detail, but in general doing cooperation with 3B’s metal parts manufacturing business would offer the Finnish partner cost-efficient operations and potentially profitable position in Indonesia.

The company’s main products at present include:


Top Roll, Rubber Coupling , Tube End, Insulating Pad, Plastic Handle Slit Unit, Sealing Materials, Rubber Ball Joint, Rubber Guide, Rubber Cage Ca Pin, Rubber Traverse Guide, Rubber Cushion, Air Tube Spindle Rubber Handle Sledge, Press Roll.


Hunger Bobbing Disc, Inlet Gasket, Upper Insulating Pad, Cap Seal, Oil Pot Cover, Cleaning Set Roll Brush, Spatula Aluminum, Spatula Bronze, Supporter Page Ca Pin, Swivel Nip Roll, Treading Tools, Tube End Type A, Tool Box Doffing, Threading Tools, Unwrapper, Separator Board, Sit Header Cleaning, Snail Guide, Strapping Belt, Creel Card Clamp, Bobbin Disc, Brake Lever, Brake Shoe, Face Protector, Guide Holder.


Inlet Seal Ring, In termed, Joint Ring Press Tool, Peck Hanger, Dividing Holder, Lock Ring Opener, Press Tool, Pusher Cap, Trains Wire, Routable Disc, Cutter Edge, Delta Packing, Filter Press Tool, Gasket Packing, Hanging Bolt, Hex Sock Bolt, Cap Holder HCY, Spindle Adaptor, Doffing Tools, Disc Ploy Tools, BEAM Wrapper, Bracket Guide, Bolt Cropping Adapter, Nipple Nut, T/C Ring Guide, Check Plate, Joint Ring.


Screen Filter, Cover Screen Mesh, ARF M (V-WT), ARF M (S-WT), ARF A (POY), ARF B (POY).

The customers so far have been PT PAMINDO, a designated component and parts manufacturer for Astra Honda Motor. 

The company is currently looking for a partner for a joint venture to build a precision metal manufacturing and engineering establishment in Indonesia. 3B could provide facilities and established customer relations within the local automotive industry.

If you are interested in this company, please contact Finnpartnership’s company spotter assigned for this company. Contact information can be found below.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0-0,5M

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Already engaged in international co-operationNo

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Spotter companyTmi Tiamar

Spotter personCynthia Mäkipää

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