Newtech Recycling Limited

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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Plot 2350M, Kenneth Kaunda international Airport Road
10101, Lusaka

Phone number+260950595609

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Contact Person Mr. Castro Shanobe



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Project typeJoint venture; Production, marketing or activity involving transfer of know-how or technology

Project abstractNewtech Recycling Limited is a Zambian company specialised in recycling and manufacturing high value products made from recyclable plastic waste, Newtech Recycling Limited is searching for Finnish companies specialized in recycle technology and waste to value such as organic fertilizer production, waste to energy, waste to fuel technologies etc. The company is searching for a partner to upscale and further develop the waste to value technology and other waste recycling processes.

Project descriptionNewtech Recycling Limited, established in 2014 is based in Lusaka, Zambia and currently employs 10 persons.

The company is specialized in producing alternative construction materials and furniture from recyclable plastic waste, using an incentive based model to recover recyclable materials Newtech Recycling Limited boasts of high social, economic and environmental impacts, the business empowers local vulnerable women and youths who collect waste recyclable materials empowering them from surviving on less than one dollar ($1) per day to receiving 4 – 6 dollars daily. The company has so far produced various products that include furniture, ornaments, and décor as well as construction material alternatives such as building bricks, pavers, tiles and fence posts etc, all these are made out of recyclable plastic waste. The customers of end products so far have been individuals, farmers and local hardware stores. Newtech was selected to represent Zambia in the entrepreneurship and innovation expo Slush in 2016.

The waste sector is untapped in Zambia and the region therefore Newtech Recycling is currently looking for a Finnish joint venture partner that can provide technology for the processing waste materials so that they would be able to tap in this sector, upscale and further develop this waste to value innovation. One potential option is where the partner provides the technology while Newtech Recycling handles the logistics such as approvals, licenses as well as providing raw materials and a market for recycled goods (value). So far the company has raised over 300,000 USD investment from which about half has been directed towards research and development as well as testing potential products.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0 - 0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Already engaged in international co-operationYes