Marokand MSM

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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Buyuk Ipak Yuli 15
, Samarkand
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Phone number+998913155711

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Contact Person Mr. Buribay Berdiev



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OrganisationBusiness Bridge Global

Contact personDr. Alisher Juraev

Project typeJointVenture

Project abstractMarokand MSM, Uzbekistan company specialised in production of gas detectors and controllers, is searching for Finnish partners for establishment of joint-venture in Uzbekistan.

Project description

The company, established in 2004 is based in Uzbekistan and currently employs 7 persons.

The company’s main products include gas detectors and gas controllers.

The customers so far have been households, state owned and private companies working in the field of natural gas extraction, process and distribution.

The company is currently looking for a partner to establish joint-venture to expand production.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0-0,5M

Annual balance sheet total0-0,5M

Already engaged in international co-operationNo

Spotter assigned1