Lipidchem Sdn Bhd

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IndustryHealth and pharmaceutical

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address No. 9 Jalan Bukit 2, Kawasan MIEL, Bandar Seri Alam Fasa VII
81750, Masai, Johor Bahru
Malaysia Malaysia

Phone number+6012-709 7991

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Contact Person Meng Chuan Teh
Marketing Manager

Phone+6012-709 7991


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Project typeLongTerm;TradeIntermediary

Project abstractLipidchem Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company specialised in manufacturing and exporting of various products related to pharmaceuticals, food and feed additives, nutraceuticals and supplements derived from palm oil is searching for Finnish partners for operating as an agent or distributor for their products in Finland and Scandinavia.

Project description

The company, established in 1996 is based in Masai (Johor Bahru), Malaysia and currently employs 72 persons.

The company’s main products include various kinds of powders and oils used in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Supplement industries. The company has total of 9 products derived from Palm oil:

• Stearic acid grade 50, Powder (USP/BP/DMF) – Excipients for Tableting
• Purified Stearic Acid Powder (USP/BP/ DMF) – Excipients for Tableting
• Enerlipid in Powder (Medium Chain Triglyceride in Powder)
• Enerlipid Oils (Medium Chain Triglyceride Oils)
• TC Liquid (Tocotrienol – Tocopherol in Liquid form)
• TC Powder (Tocotrienol – Tocopherol in Powder form)
• LSB Beta Carotene (Fully Natural Palm Mixed Carotenoid Concentrate) in paste form
• LSB TC (Fully Natural Palm Mixed Carotenoid Concentrate) in oils
• Emulsifier (Glycerol Mono Stearate & Mono Diglyceride)

The company’s main products are the Stearic Acid Powders, a high value finished products complied with USP/NF & EP/DMF Standards and to be used as excipients in the pharmaceutical, supplements, nutraceutical and cosmetics as an emollient in suppositories. It is functioning as lubricant to prevent ingredients from clumping together and from sticking to tablet punchers or capsule filling machines. Lubricants also ensure that tablet formation and ejection can occur with low friction between solid and die wall.

One of their newer products is ENERLIPID-P which is Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) derived by esterifying glycerol with mixtures of caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) found in palm kernel oil from Malaysia. MCT provides good immediate source of energy, whereby only small percentage of it will be converted into body fat. It is lower in Calorie content. According to the company ENERLIPID-P has an excellent tracked record in Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, and Clinical Nutrition and it can be served easily with drinks or food.

Lipidchem Sdn Bhd has more than 15 years of experience and their products are with HALAL, KOSHER, ISO 9001:2008, GMP and RSPO Supply Chain – Mass Balance Certification. According to the company their facility is also regularly being audited by the pharmaceutical companies to meet and comply with their current excipients guidelines which is why they are always being in a leading in providing the latest information and requirements. Additionally, the company has just received their GMP facility compliance under food division via Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The customers of Lipidchem Sdn Bhd so far have been from USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Netherland and South Africa. Lipidchem Sdn Bhd’s customers are e.g. ROCHE, Merck and PL Development.

The company is currently looking for a partner for distribution of their products to manufacturer or directly to end consumers in Scandinavia.


Number of employees50-249

Annual turnover in €2-10M

Annual balance sheet total0,5-2M

Certifications, standardsHALAL, KOSHER, ISO 9001:2008 and RSPO Supply Chain – Mass Balance Certification

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities50 % or more

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