Leinad Sajor Orravan Industrial S.R.L.

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Organisation typeCompany, enterprise or trading name

Company Address Nº2940 Jaimes Freyre Avenue, Sopocahi
+591, La Paz
La Paz Bolivia

Phone number(+591) 2 2911115

Web page https://www.lesoindustrial.com/

Company Address info@lesoindustrial.com

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Daniel Rojas Navarro
Commercial Manager

Phone(+591) 70632069

Email daniel.rojas@lesoindustrial.com

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Project typeProduction, marketing or other activity involving transfer of know-how or technology; Trade intermediary (agent, representative, distributor; Joint Venture,

Project abstractLeinad Sajor Orravan Industrial S.R.L., Bolivian company specialized in importing and distributing customized and integrated solutions to the industrial, didactic and investigation sectors, is searching for Finnish partners that wish to export their products and solutions to the Bolivian market. The company is also looking for an investor for future projects.

Project descriptionLeinad Sajor Orravan Industrial S.R.L., established in 2011 is based in BOLIVIA and currently employs 20 persons.

The company has more than 8 years of importation, commercialization, installation, training and tech support experience providing industrial, didactics and general laboratories equipment, as well as key projects being developed. LESO not only offers products, but also integrates the personalized service to find and develop technological solutions, ensuring delivery from supplier to final consumer in the shortest time and better price as possible.

According to the company one of the fundamental aspects is the quality of the delivered products, in which the professionals install and put the equipment’s into operation. LESO Industrial S.R.L. has a strong presence throughout the most important cities of Bolivia. The company also works with the reputation of its well-known business partners in the international context. The company also operates in:

• Design of projects
• Supplying of equipment’s
• Installing and start-up
• International training
• After sales services
• Maintenance and supplying of parts

The customers so far have been Universities, Technical Institutes, Research Institutes, Government Ministries, Private and Public Companies, Industrial Companies, Hospitals and Medical Clinics, and International Cooperation Organizations are our main customers.

The company is currently looking for a partner to work and create a relationship to import and distribute technological equipment to Bolivia. Furthermore, LESO is looking for an investment partner for future negotiations.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0 - 0.5 million

Annual balance sheet total0.5-2 millions

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities50% or more