General Information

IndustryTextiles and clothing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Calle Cóndor N 100 Tahuaycani, Sachaca
, Arequipa
Perú Peru

Phone number+5154 60-3000

Web page http://kuna.com.pe

Company Address info@kuna.com.pe

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Carlos Araujo-Lima Morán
Sales Manager – International Division

Phone+511 953-761644

Email caraujolima@incalpaca.com

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Project typeTradeIntermediary

Project abstractKUNA is looking for a networked agent or representative to expand its business in Finland.

Project description

Company description
KUNA is a Peruvian company that is a subsidiary company for Grupo Inca, which creates high quality garments using Peru´s millennial textile manufacturing traditions. KUNA creates clothes, accessories and home textiles with a unique design of high quality alpaca, silk, vicuña and natural fibres. KUNA´s products include for example vicuña and silk scarfs, coats, basic clothes and collections for men and women and home textiles.

KUNA is convinced that the high quality of its products is nothing but the result of the careful attention to small details, both by the skilful hands of its craftsmen as well as by the application of its own technology. In this way each of the company´s products represent the result of its aspirations to create a product with high human value and respect for nature, with KUNA´s main goal always being the satisfaction for its customers.

The company uses its artistic field of design and avant-garde vision to go above and beyond to satisfy its customers. KUNA has continued developing its methods and offers thus their collection to the world as a true Peruvian treasure. 

As a part of Grupo Inca, KUNA strongly identifies with their business philosophy “Working with Nature”. For that reason KUNA cooperates and participates in environmental programs that help the Andean communities dedicated to the breeding of South American camelids.

KUNA has wholesale in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Australia and China. The company has sales corners in stores in Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

Description of co-operation and expected input of the partner
The company has already opened a duty-free sell point at Helsinki-Vantaa airport but is now looking for an agent or a representative to expand its business in Finland. The agent or representative should be networked and have knowledge of the Finnish market and its actors. KUNA wants the agent to connect with potential sellers and distributors of its products. The agent should also act as a representative for KUNA for the business in Finland.


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Already engaged in international co-operationYes

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