Kachifo Limited

General Information


Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagemeji
P.O. Box 253 , Lagos

Phone number+234 (0) 80 7736 4217

Web page https://www.kachifo.com/

Company Address info@kachifo.com

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr Muhtar Bakare

Phone+234 80 3403 8974

Email muhtar.bakare@kachifo.com

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OrganisationIf interested in this company please contact Finnpartnership. Consultant can be assigned to verify the company.

Project typeJoint venture; Production, marketing or activity involving transfer of know-how or technology; Other long-term partnership

Project abstractKachifo Limited is an independent publishing house specialized on educational books, literary books andchildren’s books.The company is seeking a technology-orientedbusiness partner from Finland to develop new technology together which they are able to utilize in their business activities.

Project descriptionKachifo Limited, established in 2001 is based in Lagos, Nigeria and currently employs 5people.The Company’s current markets cover Nigeria and Francophone West-Africa.

Kachifo Limited’s story started from Farafina Magazine in 2002. The magazine was created to be a platform for African writers to present their own ideas to the rest of the world. The company’s first literary imprint was published 2004. Since then Kachifo Limited has expanded their imprints to include a children’s book imprint (Tuuti), a genre fiction imprint (Breeze), a creative non-fiction imprint (Kamsi) and a publishing services imprint (Prestige); with over 120 titles published from authors like Tendai Huchu, Yejide Kilanko, Ben Okri, Nnedi Okorafor, Olusegun Obasanjo, Yewande Omotoso, Chude Jideonwo and Ngugi waThiong'O.

There is also the Farafina Educational imprint under which the company has published its widely used primary school textbooks for Social Studies, Civics and History, French, and Computer Studies. Mathematics and English Language textbooks are currently under development and will be released in 2020. Books for junior secondary schools in these subjects are also being developed and are slated for publication in 2021.

Kachifo Limited is currently looking for a partner to apply new technology towards creating and distributing their own content, especially in educational field. According to the company they are looking for a long-term business partner to develop and deploy new technology together. Kachifo Limited is also ready to invest their own equity in the project in order to expand their current businesswider in West African markets.


Number of employees1-9

Annual turnover in €0-0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0-0,5 million

Already engaged in international co-operationyes

Percentage of transnational activities50 % or more