Jamhuriya University Of Science and Technology (JUST)

General Information

IndustryEducational services

Organisation typeHigher education institution

Company Address Hodon District, Opposite Digfer Hospital
252, Mogadishu
Banadir Somalia

Phone number+252 612253333 / +252 615474666

Web page http://www.just.edu.so

Company Address president@just.edu.so

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr Abdwahab Elmi
Vice President, Research & Development

Phone+252 612253333

Email abdiwahab@just.edu.so

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OrganisationSuomi-Somalia Seura Ry

Contact personYusuf M. Mubarak

Project typeLong-term partnership; Joint venture

Project abstractJamhuriya University of Science & Technology (JUST) is a private, accredited higher education institution that has multiple campuses in the capital city. JUST is searching for Finnish higher education institutions, companies and investors to help building university hospitals and campuses in Mogadishu and other states.

Project descriptionJUST was established in Mogadishu, Somalia in 2011 by a group of Somali scholars and intellectuals to fill the existing gap in the higher education system in the country by providing quality education and practicing ethical professionalism.

JUST emphasizes the importance of a solid base of general skills and knowledge through a carefully designed Core Curriculum, which was conceived with an eye to the needs and requirements of Somali society and its labor market. The university strives to fulfill its mission as the country’s 'home of quality education' through creativity and innovation in the design and delivery of higher education. Currently the University offers six faculties: Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Management, Computer and Information Technology, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences and Education. JUST has MOUs and other agreements with universities and other professional institutions in the US, Asia, Europe and Africa. As part of its future, the university is planning to build state-of-the-art campuses and teaching hospital in its 7.5 acres of land (30,000 m2).

So far the university has graduated hundreds of professionals in most of the above faculties. The university is looking for Finnish partners and mentors to replicate the Finnish model of technological and scientific rigor in higher education.


Number of employees50-249

Annual turnover in €0.5 - 2 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0.5 million

Already engaged in international co-operationMOUs with universities

Percentage of transnational activities0 to 9%