Ireme Academy

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IndustryEducational services

Organisation typePrivate school

Company Address Kinyinya Sector,

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Contact Person Mrs. Mukamwiza Ange
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OrganisationConnecting Dots Ltd

Project typeSubcontracting / outsourcing activities

Project abstractIreme Academy is a Rwandan pre-school institution specialized in the education of students between the age of 2-6, is searching for a Finnish educational institutions for educational reform.

Project descriptionIreme Academy is a pre-school that is located in Kigali, Rwanda and it was established in 2018 and currently employs 17 people.

The private pre-school provides education to young children between the age of 2-6 at a price that is consumer-friendly. This allows the local parents to go to work. Ireme also provide nutrition education to parents as the children from rural areas mostly face the problem of poor nutrition.

Ireme is looking for investors and later on organization within the same sector that will assist them in making educational reforms, providing better teacher training, acquiring better learning materials, and building more classrooms. Those resources and expert advice would enable Ireme to provide an even better pre-school education and compete with their most prominent competitors. In exchange, their partners will be given equity stakes, a seat on the board of directors, and will also be able to become a key player in transforming Ireme as an educational institution. The government of Rwanda has made education a top priority by investing more in lower levels of education. Pre-schools and primary schools take 43.3% (MINECOFIN,2015) of the education budget because students are more likely to succeed in other levels of education when they have had a good foundational education. Ireme aims at becoming a top player in producing highly trained children through its unique curriculum and learning environment.


Number of employees17

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