Inca Tops S.A.

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IndustryTextiles and clothing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Miguel Forga 348. Parque Industrial
AREQ01, Arequipa
Peru Peru

Phone number0051 974795389

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Contact Person Guillermo Lazarte
Commercial Manager

Phone0051 974795389


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Project typeProduction;LongTerm

Project abstractAgency / Distribution agreement for Finland

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Company description:
Inca Tops S.A., established in 1965, is based in Peru and currently employs 1300 persons. The company offers to the world tops and yarns in alpaca, wool and cotton, linen, cashmere as well as special blends incorporating other noble fibres of unrivalled beauty and fine quality, aimed at the market for machine and hand-knitted fabrics.

The company has more than 50 years’ experience in the more demanding international markets in the world, Stock Service, key partnerships around the globe, owned brands and  the most advanced know-how regarding alpaca products.

The company´s main markets at this point are United States, Norway, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea and Peru. The customers so far have been direct contact and sales with customers in Norway, England and Spain. The company has agency agreements in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France. The company has important partners for Europe, for example Intifil and Alpha Tops. The company has also participated in trade shows in Italy and Germany.

The company provide the highest quality alpaca yarns in the world, and a stock service in key articles. The company has OEKO-TEX certification for its yarns in natural colours and can provide a full story behind its products (supply chain, social responsibility, etc.)

Description of co-operation and expected input of the partner: The company is currently searching for international partners for an expansion of the company´s current business. The target countries for the co-operation are Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. The partner is sought for production, marketing and other activity involving transfer of know-how.  The partner can also be a customer, agent or distributor of the company´s yarns and brands.

The products are categorized into two areas: industrial yarns and hand-knitting fabrics. Customers for the industrial yarns can be factories and customers that produce and manufacture for example accessories and clothes. The hand-knitting yarn is suitable for whole sales.

The company can provide special products and brands for industrial and hand knitting yarns as well to meet the customers´ needs.

If you are interested in this company, please contact Finnpartnership at matchmaking[at]


Number of employees250

Annual turnover in €10-50M

Annual balance sheet total10-43M

Certifications, standardsOEKO-TEX

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities50 % or more

Spotter assigned1

Spotter companySmart Internationalization Oy

Spotter personJuha Merinen

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