Horn Afrik Gums Limited

General Information

IndustryAgriculture and food processing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Po Box 506
70200, Wajir,

Phone number+254 713 001 222.

Company Address garaard2017@gmail.com

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Roble Garaad Abdel
Managing Director

Phone+254 713 001 222.

Email garaad2017@gmail.com

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Project typeThe project includes know-how and technology acquisition for the company wants to purchase technology that will help them process the gums. They the company is also seeking for an agent who will import and sale the product in Finland

Project abstractHorn Afrik Gum Limited is a Kenyan company specialized in the production of quality conventional gums and is searching for Finnish partners who will supply them with technology that will help in gum processing. The company is also interested in finding a partner who will act as their market agent.

Project descriptionHorn Afrik Gum Limited, established in 2018 and based in Wajir, Kenya currently they employ 8 persons.

The company’s main products include the production of quality conventional gums that are organic and natural.

The company’s customers so far are in Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Other markets being explored by the business after adhering to the requirements include German, France, and America.

The company is currently looking for a partner who will market their products in Finland. They also wish to access technology for the expansion of the business as the demand for their products is increasing each year.


Number of employees8

Annual turnover in €0 - 0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Certifications, standardsThe company has provided registration certificates and trade licences.

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities0 to 9%.