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Company Address 5 Aly Hassan Atia from Orabi st. Mohandiseen
66 Mohandiseen, Giza
Egypt Egypt

Phone number+20 2 33201487; +20 2 33032359; +20 2 33048236; +20 2 33445216

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Contact Person Mr Ahmed Farouk
Business Development Manager



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OrganisationInternational Center for Training & Quality of Services

Project typeLongTerm

Project abstractGreen Environment Consultants, an Egyptian company specialised in hazardous waste management (Solid & Liquid wastes), is searching for Finnish partners for a Joint venture project : establishing a hazardous waste management plant in Cairo.

Project description

The company, established in 2002 is based in Giza, Egypt  and currently employs 10  persons.

The company’s main products include hazardous waste management , water treatment and  processing liquid hazardous wastes of oil and gas production process.

The customers so far have been companies from Egypt and the Arab countries engaged in water treatment and hazardous waste management and solid waste management.

The company is currently looking for a partner to participate in a joint venture project to establish a Hazardous Waste Management plant in Cairo. This would be a unique facility located in Cairo. There is another waste management plant in Alexandria located in Al-Nasrya. The Al-Nasrya plant was established by Finnish experts few years ago and is expected to reach its capacity soon.

Green Company is ready to invest at least in 50% of the total budget of the project to establish the Center. The company owns a 65 000 m2 area located in Cairo, Al-Tebeen City. This area is allocated for the project. This could be a beginning for more cooperation with Finnish partner in the future as Green Consultants is planning to establish another plant in Bor-El Arab City near Alexandria as the company already has a suitable property there.

The Suggested role of Green Consultants Company:

  1. Provision of a suitable property (65000 m2 land area located in Cairo) required for the project.
  2. Ready to cover 50% of the total cost of the project.
  3. Conducting the feasibility study of the project
  4. Providing the human resources
  5. Assisting in the management of the project
  6. Play a vital role in marketing the services
  7. Finalizing the governmental approvals/issues


Possible role of the Finnish partner:

  1. Provide the technological expertise for the project
  2. Participate financially in at least 50% of the project total cost.
  3. Provide the necessary equipment from Finland
  4. Training of the project employees

There is a critical need for such waste processing plants in  Egypt.Egypt is one of the fast growing industrial countries in Africa and the Middle East. In recent years Egypt has seen a steady growth of industries, which has resulted in the handling of increased quantities of hazardous and toxic chemicals, and generation of a significant quantity of hazardous waste.

With large quantities of hazardous waste generated in the industrial areas, and with only one permitted hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility in Alexandria, Egypt is faced with a critical problem for safe disposal of hazardous waste, nationwide.

Without adequate hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities in Egypt, hazardous waste is either stored at the industrial facilities, or disposed in sanitary landfills, and in dump sites in desert areas without any treatment.

Due to the current situation with hazardous waste management, the Ministry of Environment has determined that there is an imminent need for constructing hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities nationwide in Egypt. In the two major industrial city areas, Cairo, and Alexandria, the quantity of industrial waste generated is more than 60,000 tons/year. Of this quantity, Alexandria generates approximately 28,000 tons /year of hazardous wastes. There are approximately eight industrial areas in Egypt generating different types and quantities of hazardous wastes. It is estimated that up to a total of 200,000 tons/year of hazardous waste are generated from the eight areas.

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