Felipe Marroquin SAC

General Information

IndustryInformation and communication technology

Organisation typeCompany, enterprise, trading name

Company Address Av. America 2639 – Urb. La Perla Trujillo,
13001, Trujillo,
La Libertad Peru

Phone number+51 948 409 747

Web page https://www.fmsac.com/es/

Company Address consultoria@fmsac.com

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Felipe Marroquín Ojeda

Phone+51 948 409 747

Email consultoria@fmsac.com

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OrganisationBorealis Consulting EIRL

Project typeSubcontracting / outsourcing activities;
Joint venture

Project abstractFelipe Marroquin SAC, Peruvian company operating in the information and communication technology industry is searching for Finnish partners for subcontracting/outsourcing activities related to the creation and implementation of IT solutions in Nordic/European countries as well as joint venture for IT projects in Peruvian and Latin American markets. The MM Company seeks for a Finnish partner that may allow also the transfer of know-how or/and technology.

Project descriptionFelipe Marroquin SAC, established in 2019 is based in Trujillo, Peru and currently employs 9 persons.

The company operates in the developing “on request” of software solutions, and within this frame is looking for a Finnish partner to access IT markets and to joint venture in the develop of IT projects in Latin American markets as well. Felipe Marroquin SAC has a range of software modules developed for different platforms. The company can customize its actual products to the needs of its new customers or start a developing since the beginning, according to the customers’ requirements.

Felipe Marroquin SAC has an implementation technology that has granted its customers and themselves a successful achievement of goals and expectations. They work with software desktop, web, apps, web services, APIs (application programming interfaces) for different platforms in windows, Linux, Android, IOs. Between the tools and programming languages they use, can be found Microsoft visual, Studio, SQL server, PHP, Javascripts, MySQL, Java, Kotlin, between others.

The company has 25 years of experience and this grants the consolidation with any technical board to access and process any IT requirement. They also offer a very competitive proposal for tariffs and prices within the IT Industry.

The customers so far have been Peruvian companies from various different sectors (incl. e.g. poultry, outsourcing services, car rental, car shop, security services, freight services, food and educations sectors).

Felipe Marroquin SAC is currently looking for a partner to develop innovative and creative IT projects both in Nordic and Latin American markets. The company’s main activity is the developing “on request” of software solutions. They have a range of software modules developed for different platforms. These developments are currently working and in operations in different companies in different sectors. Felipe Marroquin SAC can customize its actual products to the needs of new customers or it can start developing from the beginning, according to customers’ requirements.


Number of employees9

Annual turnover in €0-0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0-0,5 million