Exposé SAS

General Information


Organisation typeCompany, enterprise or trading name

Company Address Calle 131A # 59C - 62
1111111, Bogotá
Cundinamarca Colombia

Phone number+57 12714427

Web page http://www.exposefurnishing.com/

Company Address g.saravia@expose.com.co

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Gabriel Saravia Krohne
Sales Director

Phone+57 304 5815760

Email g.saravia@expose.com.co

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OrganisationViento Trading

Project typeTrade intermediary (agent, representative, distributor). Production, marketing or other activity involving transfer of know-how or technology

Project abstractThe company is currently looking for a partner to import and represent the products in Europe, mainly in the Nordic countries. They are also looking for trade agents, retailers, distributors and partners in the B2B - B2C segment to be able to expand their business.

Project descriptionExposé SAS is a Colombian company which manufacture and commercialises ready to assembly furniture for home and outdoor decoration. They also produce kitchens and bathrooms by modules that are adaptable to almost any area and come in RTA "Ready to Assemble" flat pack. The company is offering possibility to manufacture private label for companies in Finland. Additionally, the company offers customised services for shop fitting, architecture and civil engineering projects.

The company was founded in 1994 and currently employs 75 permanent employees. The company is currently exporting to USA, Canada, South & Central America and some countries in Europe. Their target clients are furniture retailers, home and decoration chains and retailers, hotels, restaurants and theatres.

Additionally, the company would like to receive proposals from Finnish companies which are developing know-how and technologies within the production of furniture's. Such technologies must aim to boost production and increase production output or improve manufacturing processes for wood treatment for lower temperatures.


Number of employees50- 249

Annual turnover in €0,5 - 2 million

Annual balance sheet total0,5 - 2 million

Certifications, standardsThe company is currently in the process of obtaining certification ISO 9001: 2015.

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities10 - 49%