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Organisation typePty Ltd

Company Address Innovation Hub Pretoria
2198, Pretoria
Gauteng South Africa

Phone number+27 (0)11 615 2550

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Contact Person Mrs. Raluca Pauna
Chief Executive Officer



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OrganisationThe House of Portugal (Pty) Ltd

Project typeEriscan's activities are in technical innovation field are in area of innovation selection, innovation due diligence & audits and innovation management from idea and IP to the market. The company is looking to develop an I Bot for test result interpretation and other 9 innovation prototypes mainly in the bioscience and energy spaces. Participated as a general mentor in GCIP program supported by Cleantech International, UNIDO and Standford University. Eriscan Director is the founder of Global Institute for Accelerating Innovation since 2006 and CEO Eriscan (Pty) Ltd. that is listed as technical innovation consultant service provider for Department of Trade and Industry. Eriscan is also a Technical Innovation Support Center (“TISC”) registered with WIPO, Geneva and Department of Science and Technology, SA. Raluca was appointed as a trustee at EgoliBio /Innovation Hub, part of SEDA, since 2015.

Project abstractEriscan (Pty) Ltd, a South African company specialised in innovation management and transfer of technology. The area of expertise varies from technical and business services supporting social economic projects to academic postgraduate training in technical innovation, mainly patents advice, prototypes production, commercialisation of innovation, certifications, laboratory tests, grants and funding. The company is looking to partner with a Finnish company or R&D organisation, working on solutions to cover problems in IT, energy, medical and bioscience field.

Project descriptionEriscan (Pty) Ltd, established in 2012 is based in Johannesburg and currently employs 3 persons.

The company’s main products include Mobi Power Shower, TVM, NMBC and MySmartFarm, HealthiBot) or ZipIt, Styliff and Pikaia which are international innovations transferred in South Africa. Eriscan has the ability to come with an innovative idea and help start –ups, grass roots innovators or corporates to bring the idea to the market. Eriscan offers solutions which mitigate the risk and optimise innovators’ resources for an accelerated impact of their projects into the market.

The customers so far have been SA Technical Innovation Suport Centre (TISC), part of WIPO (Geneva), many SA Government schemes like SPII and Thrip from the DTI, SEDA (The Small Enterprise Development Agency), POC Biotech Ireland, Life Assay, etc

Eriscan (Pty) Ltd is currently looking for a partner to manufacture a device to digitise and transfer the results of serological tests directly in the cloud for statistics and for less errors. Eriscan has started the production of 10 prototypes called I BOT. They are used for reading and digitising the results of Covid-19 serological tests.


Number of employees3

Annual turnover in €0-0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0-0,5 million

Certifications, standardsB-BBEE Level 2 contributor. SA Technical Innovation Suport Centre (TISC), part of WIPO (Geneva) and offers consulting services to many SA Government schemes like SPII and Thrip from the DTI, SEDA (The Small Enterprise Development Agency) part of the Department of Small Business Development and has links with EU projects like EUROINVENT.

Already engaged in international co-operationYes. Namelly with POC Biotech Ireland

Percentage of transnational activities10-49%