Ecofire tratamento de resíduos Ltda

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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Rod. BR-040 Km 822, Zonra Rural
36123-000, Simão Pereira
Minas Gerais Brazil

Phone number+55 (32) 3272-1534

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Contact Person Mr. Claudio Fontes

Phone+55 32 35120735


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Contact personLuis Pereira

Project typeJoint venture; Sale/Acquisition of a complete company or a part of it

Project abstractEcofire Tratamento de Residuos LTDA, Brazilian company specialised in incineration of waste, is searching for Finnish partners for joint-venture to upgrade their business and to create energy from the waste. Ecofire is also open to selling (partially or completely) the company.

Project descriptionThe Ecofire company, established in 2010, it is located in Brazil (Minas Gerais) and currently employs 9 persons.

The company operates in incineration of waste. The current costumers are hospitals and industrial companies.

Ecofire is one a few companies which have the permit to operate on the region and serve a vast territory. Ecofire recently renewed the operational licences for more 10 years.

Ecofire is well positioned around large cities and several intermediate cities. The company is growing at fast pace and currently the plant accounts with 30% of its capacity.

Ecofire has signed recently new contracts which is expected to grow 80% of their capacity by 2020. A new plant is being planned in its premisses by 2020.

The company is currently available for sell (or partly) and also looking for a partner to upgrade their technology from incineration to (Pyrolysis or Gasification) to be used on waste to energy.


Number of employees1-9

Annual turnover in €0,5 - 2 million

Annual balance sheet total0,5 - 2 million

Certifications, standardsEnvironment Ministry, Govern of Minas Gerais and Simão Pereira city Environment Licence and Certification and Fire Department

Already engaged in international co-operationNo