Doces Zelia Ltda

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IndustryAgriculture and food processing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Rua José Vieira Martins, 149, Palmeiras - Ponte Nova
35430-233, Ponte Nova
Minas Gerais Brazil

Phone number+55 31-991258787

Fax numbernone

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Contact Person Mr. Marcus Mol
Manager Director



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Project typeThe company is currently looking for a Finnish partner / distributor to trade their sweet canned fruits (Guava, Mango and Banana) in Finnish market.

Project abstractDoces Zelia Ltda, Brazilian company specialised in artisan sweets (guava, banana and mango), is searching for Finnish distributor /partners that could help them to get in to the local market and sell their products. And per case sell their products to other countries in Europe.

Project descriptionThe company established in 1960 is based in Brazil and currently employs 15 persons.

The company’s main products include artisanal sweet canned fruits (Guava, Mango and Banana). The Zelia Doces is a family company which has been running the business since 1960. The third generation of the family is expanding the frontiers of the market beyond the local zone. The Guava Zelia of the company has been elected one of the best products in this category in Brazil by one of the top influential journals. The company has also received an award for the Business Excellence.

The customers so far have been locals. Their products are sold in small supermarkets and online stores and and also on the big retail stores spread over five States in Brazil.

The company aims to introduce their products on the international market and they are now looking for trade intermediaries to have their products sold in Finland and other European countries.


Number of employees15

Annual turnover in €0 - 0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Certifications, standardsBrazilian operational and Artisan certificate

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