Disma C. Ltda.

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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Via Duran
, Duran
Ecuador Ecuador

Phone number+594-2810228

Web page http://www.disma.com.ec

Company Address maguirre@disma.com.ec

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Martin Aguirre
Executive Vice President


Email maguirre@disma.com.ec

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OrganisationNova Scala

Contact personLassi Pensikkala

Project typeProduction;TradeIntermediary

Project abstractDISMA C LTDA., the Ecuadorian company specialised in home and car care; industry and construction chemicals, is searching for Finnish partners for import or production of the above products under licence.

Project description

The company, established in 1968 is based in Guayaquil, Ecuador and currently employs 175 persons.

The company’s main products include home care detergents and cleaning products. Disma is also strong in car care where the products are silicon protectants and coolants; for the construction branch Disma offers additives. The fourth product line is adhesives for the industrial use. The trademarks Disma import and distribute in Ecuador are Rally, Winglow, STP etc.  
Disma has an own production plant in Ecuador which makes fifty percent of the total sales.

The customers so far have been supermarkets, service stations, construction companies and industry in Ecuador. Disma has started with new markets in Peru and Colombia.

The company is currently looking for a partner to deliver new products in the above sectors to import to Ecuador or produce in Disma factory in Guayaquil under trade mark, licence, or franchise of the Finnish company. The current customers are supermarkets, service stations, constructors, and several industries where Disma has very good distribution channel. New product lines and business ideas from Finland are warmly welcome, especially innovative, and environmental manufactures.


Number of employees50-249

Annual turnover in €10-50M

Annual balance sheet total2-10M

Certifications, standardsISO 9001:2008

Already engaged in international co-operationNo