Castle Construction Company Limited (CCCL)

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Organisation typeLimited company

Company Address House: 44 Road- 16 (27 Old) Dhanmondi
, Dhaka

Phone number+880171 333 0020

Fax number+88 02 8152061

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Contact Person Mr. Zakir Ahmed
Chief Finance Officer (CFO) & Business Development Adviser

Phone+880171 333 0020

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OrganisationPurple Solutions Nordic

Project typeJoint venture

Project abstractCastle Construction Company Limited, established in 1979 in Bangladesh, is searching for Finnish and Nordic partners for joint venture (JV) in renewable energy i.e. solar power plant, solar photo-voltaic (SPV) irrigation systems, solar mini-grid installation projects, dredging (dredging, raking, piling) projects, and importers of hessian yarn and bio-degradable jute materials.

Project descriptionCastle Construction Company Ltd. (CCCL), established in 1979, is based in Bangladesh and currently employs 300 persons.

CCCL is part of a conglomerate and multi-industry company operating in several sectors of infrastructure development in Bangladesh including consulting & constructing solutions in gas supply grid projects, railway equipment supply, river dredging projects, road construction, electric pole supply and grid installation, producing sanitation rings and low-cost housing materials, etc.

The company has contacts with various government and private sector entities in Bangladesh and can support in identifying suitable infrastructure development projects for Finnish and Nordic companies to work in joint collaboration.

The company´s client profile includes the Ministry of Railway, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, Ministry of Water Resources and municipal corporations of Bangladesh Government.

The company is currently looking for business partnership with Finnish and Nordic companies involved in:
• Solar energy, solar photo voltaic (SPV) irrigation systems, solar mini-grid installation,
• Dredging equipment (dredging, raking, piling) manufacturing, and
• Importers of hessian yarn and bio-degradable jute materials.

The company wishes that the partner/s would provide technology & know-how, design tools, procurement & construction services as joint venture (JV or Principal partner) or other forms of partnership.

CCCL can offer opportunities to Finnish and Nordic companies to participate in international tenders of government infrastructure development projects in Bangladesh as Joint venture (JV) or as principal partner(s).


Number of employees300

Annual turnover in €10-50 million

Annual balance sheet total2-10 million

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities0-9%