Cana Processors Ltd

General Information

IndustryAgriculture and food processing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address P.O BOX 2278
50200, Bungoma

Phone number+254 710 878 553

Company Address

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Saul Wasilwa

Phone+254 710 878 553


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OrganisationNapujo Agencies

Project typeProduction, marketing or activity involving transfer of know-how or technology

Project abstractCana Processors, Kenyan company specialised in food processing and production of maize flour is searching for Finnish partners that can sell flour mill machinery for the company.

Project descriptionThe company, established in 2016 is based in Bungoma, Kenya and currently employs 20 persons.

The company’s main products include maize flour. Maize, sorgam and millet flour has a big demand in the East and Central Africa region and currently there is more demand than supply.

The customers of Cana Processor so far have been super markets, wholesalers and retail outlets.

Cana Processors is currently looking for a Finnish partner that can sell flour mill machinery for the company. The company needs new machinery to increase their production amounts to cover the needs of demand.


Number of employees1-9

Annual turnover in €2 - 10 million

Annual balance sheet total2 - 10 million

Certifications, standardsThe Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

Already engaged in international co-operationNo

Percentage of transnational activities-