C.I. Biocoffee Ltda

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IndustryAgriculture and food processing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Carrera 28 No 72-43
Bogotá Colombia

Phone number+57 1 8044028

Web page http://www.juanambu.com/

Company Address jluna@juanambu.com

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Contact Person Mrs. Johanna Luna
International Operations Manager

PhoneMobile +57 3117757105 or Office +57 1 8044028 ext 104

Email jluna@juanambu.com

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OrganisationIf interested in this company please contact FP. Consultant can be assigned to verify the company.

Project typeTrade intermediary (distributor, importer, agent, representative)

Project abstractC.I. Biocoffee Ltda. is a Colombian company specialised in growing coffee, green coffee purchasing, threshing and coffee roasting. We are currently searching for Nordic distributors for their Juanambú Coffee, a sustainable coffee with different certifications for their specialty coffees. We look for distributors with experience in the coffee or food market.

Project descriptionThe company was established in 1937 and for many years it was dedicated to coffee growing. For the last ten years we have gone into roasting and selling our products for the local and international market. We are based in Bogotá and currently employ 13 people in our plant and 30 people in our crops.

We process only 100% Colombian Arabica coffee of the highest quality. We have three main products under our brand Juanambú Coffee for international markets. All of them are specialty coffees:

1. Juanambú Rainforest: A sustainable coffee certified by Rainforest alliance. The farms that produce this coffee are audited annually against a rigorous standard with detailed environmental, social and economic criteria. These criteria are designed to protect biodiversity, deliver financial benefits to farmers, and foster a culture of respect for workers and local communities. Rainforest Alliance certification also promotes decent living and working conditions for workers, gender equity and access to education for children in farm communities. Juanambú rainforest coffee profile is: medium acidity, medium body, and sweet aroma. 2. Juanambú Nariño: Nariño’s geographical situation makes its coffee zone very special and allows for the production of a coffee with a very special flavor profile: high acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and a clean, mild cup with a very pronounced aroma. This is a specialty coffee based on the quality of its origin. 3. Juanambú Peace Coffee: Our signature product resembles our special Juanambú Excelso recipe of 100% Colombian coffee, which has been processed by wet milling and a sun drying methods that guarantee the exquisite features of a mild Colombian coffee. This is a coffee with a high social impact given that all the green beans purchased for this line come directly from farmers who are substituting illegal crops for coffee crops and mother heads of households in isolated locations in civil conflict areas. These farmers received a premium fee for their coffee based on the quality of their beans and their commitment to their crops as well as improvement of their communities based on their economic activity.

Juanambú coffee is aimed to consumers who value the quality of their drinks, who have knowledge of coffee and who are concerned about the impact they make through a thoughtful purchasing decision. They are willing invest the money they spend on coffee in both excellent quality and social impact. By purchasing Juanambú coffee all consumers are making an effort to improve the income and living conditions of Colombian farmers and their communities.

The company’s products have the following certifications, among others: Rainforest Alliance Certification, DOP-0032-01 Denomination of Origin Café de Colombia Product Specification and Certificate of conformity: IGP-0032-01 Protected Geographical Indication Café de Colombia Product Specification, as well as all sanitary and legal permits as stated by the Colombian government. Our roasting plant is currently implementing the quality management system ISO 9001 and expecting to have the certification audit.

Our customers so far have been mainly from the local market, our company sells 84% of their production locally in the institutional market both in the private and public sector. We currently count among our customers twenty of the biggest and most important companies in our country. Our company also supplies to customers abroad: we have closed deals with companies in Singapore, Dubai, United States of America and Taiwan.

The company is currently looking for a partner for Nordic distribution with experience in the coffee or food market for our Juanambú Coffee. We are open to negotiate an exclusive distribution for the Nordic region depending of the characteristics of the negotiation as well as expectations of market and sales growth from both sides. We are looking for a partner who can warehouse the product and deconsolidate in order to distribute the different products along the target region.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0 - 0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Certifications, standardse.g. Certificate of Conformity

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities10 to 49 %