Bulamba Stores and Welding Ltd.

General Information


Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Plot 583 Salaama Road Munyonyo
P.O BOX 15198, Kampala
Uganda Uganda

Phone number+256 414 251 592 or +256 782 537 538

Company Address bulambastores@yahoo.com

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Ntege Bosco
Director & Operations

Phone+256 772 430 222

Email boscontege@yahoo.com

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OrganisationQuitannia Strategies

Project typeProduction;JointVenture

Project abstractBULAMBA STORES & WELDING,UGANDA is a company specialised in construction of structures, roads and welding services, is searching for Finnish partners for joint ventures in construction.

Project description

The company, established in 1964 is based in Kampala, Uganda and currently employs 40 persons.

The company’s main services include Welding services and construction of buildings and roads. The company can also provides services related to completing and refurbishing of structures and strategic project management.

With English as the business language in the region, Bulamba Stores and Welding Limited has a core staff that is fluent in use of English as a means of communication. Further to the common denominator of language, Bulamba Stores and Welding has mainly technical staff that comprehends the field of Civil and Electrical Engineering and is well placed to do international business.

The customers so far have been Government of Uganda, numerous embassies, Ngo’s and private clients.B ulamba Stores & Welding Limited is in the position to bid for contracts as a registered and bona-fide company in Uganda. The company is currently looking for a partner to source future large scale projects with. It would be of interest for the Finnish partner to consider deploying modern cutting technology with their local partner as this would give the partnership more credibility when seeking for contracts especially with Governments.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0,5-2M

Annual balance sheet total0,5-2M

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities10 to 49 %

Spotter assigned1

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