AVS Industries

General Information


Organisation typeCompany

Company Address D 42/43, Harthila Industrial Estate
244001, Moradabad
Uttar Pradesh; India India

Phone number+91 9219532766

Web page http://www.indiamart.com/avs-industries-moradabad

Company Address sgagneja@gmail.com

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Sukrit Gagneja
Proprietor / Principal

Phone+91 9219532766

Email sgagneja@gmail.com

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OrganisationIndependent consultant

Contact personAnand K. Sethi

Project typeLongTerm;TradeIntermediary

Project abstractAVS Industries, an Indian company specialized in supplying high quality tableware, cutlery, glassware to high end hotels, is searching for Finnish partners for supplying and exporting to India international standard, high quality tableware, glassware, cutlery etc.

Project description

The company, established in 2000 is based in Moradabad, India and currently employs 30 persons.

The company’s main products include Silver plated tableware and other specialty items for up market hotels and other such institutions. The company also manufactures and exports silver plated chafing dishes, silver plated tea / coffee sets, cutlery, sports trophies etc. (please find pictures enclosed).

The customers so far have been leading five and four star hotels in India and a few other countries.

The company is currently looking for a partner to sell and export to India selected tableware for high end customers. The main items required to be imported are tableware, cutlery sets, tea / coffee service sets, ceramic plates and other crockery items, crystal ware and quality glassware. A few leading brands such as Crystalex Bohemia, Christofle (France), Rosenthal, Villeroy and Boch, Noritake (Japan), Waterford and Wedgwood have started addressing the growing (more than 15% per annum) Indian market for these supplies.

The company has so far been importing from China but its main customers are looking for better quality branded items from European sources. For instance, some preferred brands from Finland are Marimekko, Iittala, Arabia, Hackman etc.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0,5-2M

Annual balance sheet total0,5-2M

Certifications, standards-

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities10 to 49 %

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