Appropriate Design Ltd

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Organisation typePrivate company

Company Address Westlands commercial Ring Rd Parklands
Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number+254717959544

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Contact Person Mr. Lucas Mwangi



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OrganisationKalliosaari Oü

Project typeSubcontracting / outsourcing activities
Production, marketing or other activity involving transfer of know-how or technology
Joint venture

Project abstractAppropriate Design Ltd, Kenyan company specialised in real estate, interior design and wooden furniture is searching for Finnish (EU) partners for Finnish (EU) school construction and interior design projects in East Africa as well as other construction, interior design and furniture supply and consultation projects and workflow coordination. Joint ventures in manufacturing furniture or real estate schemes are also possible.

Project descriptionAppropriate Design Ltd established in 2014 is based in Nairobi, Kenya and currently employs 10 persons.

The company is operating in the real estate market and interior designing. They have recently started also a new venture in design and manufacturing of furniture for kids (high-end).

The customers so far have been local real estate owners, foreign entities operating in East Africa (e.g. Schneider Electric, Amtel Holdings, Royal Flora Holland), local office and service (restaurants, beauty spas, etc.) owners.

Appropriate Design Ltd is currently looking for a partner to jointly work on Finnish educational projects (school design, construction, interior design, furniture) or within other real estate or interior design projects or within furniture manufacturing and exporting.


Number of employees10

Annual turnover in €0 - 0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities<10