AM Energy projects Ltd

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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address O. Teligi str. 41
04086, Kiev

Phone number+380443315135, +380673607090

Fax number+380443315135

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Contact Person Mr. Ruslan Rosomakha
CEO and co - owner



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OrganisationSaRus Oy

Project type Joint venture

Project abstract AM Energy Projects LLC, Ukraine company specialised in engineering and construction of PV energy systems, is searching for Finnish partners for joint projects of construction and operation of roof and ground based PV power stations in Ukraine.

Project descriptionThe company, established in Ukraine is based in Ukraine and currently employs 14 persons.

AM Energy Projects LLC is an independent renewable energy engineering company with expertise to develop, engineer, construct and operate renewable projects in Ukraine. The company is active in a range of energy technologies including: • Solar systems for hot water supply for public institutions • Photovoltaic systems (PV) for public institutions • Autonomous street lighting on solar PV modules • Geothermal and air heat pumps for public institutions

AM Energy Projects LLC carries out projects in cooperation with international funds and programs NEFCO, EU/UNDP in Ukraine and the Ukrainian German Cooperation Society GIZ, the Association of Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine.

The company has taken part earlier in international financial donors' renewable energy projects in Ukraine. One of these projects was NEFCO's project of installation of solar vacuum water heaters in pre-school institutions.

The company is currently looking for a partner to start a joint project of construction and operation of roof and ground based PV power stations in Ukraine. The company has already prepared three potential business project proposals.


Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0 - 0,5 million

Annual balance sheet total0 - 0,5 million

Certifications, standards-

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities0 to 9 %