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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Lidhja e Prizerenit p.n.
60000, Gjilan

Phone number+38345440556

Fax number+383280328540

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Contact Person Mr. Blerim Maliqi
Sales Director



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Project typeTrade Intermediary (distributor, importer, agent, representative)

Project abstractAlbimi Ltd., a Kosovan company specialised in the manufacturing of bicycles is searching for Finnish partners for entering the Finnish market, as well as potentially other Nordic markets. As such, the company is primarily looking for a trade intermediary, i.e. distributor, importer, agent or representative.

Project descriptionThe company, established in 2005, is based in Gjilan and currently employs 70 persons. The company manufactures bicycles and the offering includes a wide range of different models and types, also e-bikes and bikes for children. The company produces both steel and alloy frames. Albimi can also manufacture bikes for other brands.

In addition to the domestic market, the company’s bikes are also exported to other European markets such as Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. The company is currently looking for a partner to entering the Finnish and potentially wider Nordic market.


Number of employees70

Annual turnover in €0.5 - 2 million

Annual balance sheet total2 - 10 million

Certifications, standardsISO 9001, BSCI

Already engaged in international co-operationYes.