Agroinsumos “La Parcela” SPR DE RI DE CV

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IndustryAgriculture and food processing

Organisation typeConsultant, specialist or other similar expert organisation

Company Address Privada de la 5a. Norte Poniente Casa 16 Fracc. Mogras II
30470, Chiapas
Chiapas Mexico

Phone number9651283005

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Contact Person Mr. David Contreras



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Project typeProduction, marketing or other activity involving transfer of know-how or technology

Project abstractAgroinsumos "La Parcela" SPR DE RI DE CV is a Mexican company that is searching for Finnish partners with technology to make the farm more sustainable and improve the cheese production processes.

Project descriptionLa Parcela is established in 2015 is based in Chiapas, Mexico and currently employs 2 persons.

The company have alliances with corn producers and beekeepers to improve their processes, to create sustainable products and become a sustainable farm. Currently the local producers operating with La Parcela focus on artisan cheese, honey, and papaya. The honey is a high-quality organic agriculture market in the area due to the flora and fauna of the region. Artisanal Cheese is characterized by including in its recipe raw milk, either cow, goat or sheep, instead of pasteurized milk, a favourite ingredient in large-scale factories. In addition, it follows traditional processing methods, and its production process involves a very small number of people, including the cheese-maker.

The customers so far have been locals. La Parcela sells honey and cheese to the local market in the state of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

The company is currently looking for transfer of know-how or technology to improve their farm’s manufacturing process and make the farm's operations more sustainable. Currently more than forty varieties of artisanal cheeses in Mexico recognized as genuine and La Parcela is also looking for cheese consultants, who form and support the ranches in the improvement of their procedures, the construction of maturing cellars and the implementation of new varieties and styles of cheese.


Number of employees1-9

Annual turnover in €0-0.5 million

Annual balance sheet total0-0.5 million

Percentage of transnational activities0 to 9%