Trade Promotion Organization of Iran

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Trade Promotion Organization of Iran
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Mehrdad Jalalipour


+98(0)2122662594 or +98(0)9123873728
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Trade Promotion Organization of Iran

Trade promotion organization of Iran (TPO), founded in 1995, using it’s four decades of ceaseless and focused activities have been continuing it’s great task to develop foreign trade of Iran.

TPO is the active, knowledgeable, participatory organization based on the management principles which tries to fulfill the strategic plan, develop and strengthen foreign trade in order to achieve the greatest market share. This organization pursues development of the trade considering creation of effective interactions with the parties to the business and the beneficiaries, efficient human resources and application of new science and technology and always tries to develop proper conditions for macro-management of export and fortification of substructures and the capacities necessary to facilitate and develop the overseas trade of the state through planning, policymaking, high maintenance and supervision. Moreover, achieving perfect overseas trade of the state, towards having active interaction with the world economy and centrality of the market-based economy are considered the essential policy of this organization.