Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM)

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Economic Development Board (Madagascar)
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The Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) is your reference partner for your investments in Madagascar. As a governmental investment promotion agency, EDBM is linked to the Presidency. Its team is dedicated to support investors in their implementation steps and/or expansion by providing free dedicated services and through its one stop shop. EDBM is also promoting promising sectors and niches like agribusiness (organic shrimps, caviar, cocoa, vanilla, etc…), ICT (BPO, coding), mining (ores needed for e-car batteries like nickel, cobalt, graphite, vanadium, etc…), renewable energies, light industries and tourism.

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Investment facilitation in priority sectors (mining, tourism, ict, light industry, renewable energies,agribusiness) through Investment Managers free advise and one stop shop.