Chamber of Commerce of Barlavento (Cape Verde)

The North Chamber of Commerce (CCB) is the Cape Verde´s largest business organization working to promote the private sector development and competitiveness, responsible business conduct and a national approach to regulation to accelerate inclusive and sustainable growth. The CCB is physically present in each island of the north region of Cape Verde, representing all the regional companies and business association. More than 500 local companies are official members of the CCB.

The most important services provided by CCB are:

• Technical Assistance (Laboral, Financing, Business and Market Plan, Strategic Plan,
Business Research, etc.)
• Intermediation with government, financial entities and states organs)
• Dispute Resolution Services – First National Center of Arbitration and Conciliation
• Intra and inter companies training
• Business Incubator for Start Ups (2 incubators), including virtual business incubation
• Trade mission to foreign countries
• Technical support for procurement
• Licences for Import/Export of Good
• Licence for Industrial Activities
• Market (national and international) business prospection
• Access to financing

The CCB has participated in various kinds of different international projects:

• Trade missions to many countries in Europe, including Portugal, Spain, Holland, Germany,
France, Italy, Belgium
• Internationalization of Cape Verdean companies
• Business and technical cooperation
• International market studies regarding private sector promotion and development.

Currently the Chamber of Commerce aims to set up a Private Technologic Training Center (PTTC) in S. Vicente, the island with the highest rate of structural unemployment and unemployment among young people. The PTTC will focus on a training offer aligned with the real needs of the labour market, taking in account its familiarity and rapprochement with associated members/companies. The Chamber of Commerce also welcomes potential Finnish partner that could technically assist to set up the PTTC. If interested please contact Mr. Adriano Cruz (Secretary general).

For more information please visit:


Mr. Adriano Cruz, Secretary general
+238 9915090
adriano.cruz [at]