The dates for the application workshops for 2023 have been published

Finnpartnership’s popular application workshops are continuing and getting even more interesting in 2023. By participating in our online workshops, you will get a comprehensive overview on our support for the projects in the developing countries and other useful services. The workshops offer also a possibility to network with other organizations, educational institutions and NGOs.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • What kind of projects can be supported by the business partnership support?
  • How much support can be granted and to what kind of expenses?
  • How to assess the development impacts of the project?
  • The application process of the business partnership support
  • How to form a consortium and to find partners from the developing countries?
  • How to find a NGO partner with the help of Fingo?
  • What other channels of development finance your project may utilize?

The application workshops in 2023:

  • 19th of January, in English
  • 16th of February, in Finnish
  • 16th of March, in English
  • 20th of April, in Finnish
  • 11th of May, in English
  • 15th of June, in Finnish
  • 17th of August, in English
  • 21st of September, in Finnish
  • 19th of October, in English
  • 16th of November, in Finnish
  • 14th of December, in English

Welcome to the application workshop!