Vietnam SDG Investor Map released


In December 2022, Finnpartnership Regional Coordinator in Asia was invited to attend the launch of UNDP’s Investor Map for Vietnam. The Vietnam SDG Investor Map is a service that provides policymakers, investors, and relevant stakeholders with market intelligence to direct their capital and activities toward SDG-aligned investment themes and business models, known as investment opportunity areas (IOAs).

The Vietnam Investor Map has been developed through research and a consultative process with 30 government stakeholders, think tanks, enterprises, and leading impact and commercial investors to produce tangible market intelligence. Using UNDP SDG Impact’s robust methodology, the Map identifies 14 IOAs in six SDG priority sectors that require funding and matches government policies, including education, healthcare, food and beverages, infrastructure, renewable energy, and financial services. It also identifies seven white spaces, which are IOAs with growth potential and aligned with national development needs but where government policies can go further to foster private sector investment participation.

Vietnam has had continuous growth over the last decades and become a popular destination for private investors. During 2022, in the mist of the global economic difficulties, Vietnam continued to be a star as Asia’s fastest growth economy of 8.02% (Bloomberg, 2022). However, socioeconomic challenges remain. It is believed that private capital and blended financial investments will continue to be an important component of Vietnam’s sustainable development. The SDG Investor Map is hoped to direct the private sector to invest in priority areas, and facilitate the application of science and technology and innovation for sustainability. The identified investment areas are both profitable and supportive to sustainable growth of Vietnamese economy.

To learn more about the UNDP’s Investor Map publication, please check the full report in this link.

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