The development impact questionnaire attachment to Business Partnership Support applications will change on 1.9.2022


The development impact questionnaire submitted as an appendix to Business Partnership Support applications will change in the beginning of September. The new appendix is the Results Framework, which is filled in an excel format.

The new results framework format clarifies the follow-up and reporting of development impacts for projects. Concrete development goals will be selected for each, and they will relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This in part will assist in measuring and verifying development impacts.

The results framework will be used to follow three common development goals related to employment effects. In addition, each project will set one or several project-specific development goals related to products, services, or business processes. During project implementation and after completion, the applicant shall report periodically on the progress towards achieving the concrete development goals included in the table.

The new results framework will be adopted for Business Partnership Support projects starting September 2022, and applications submitted on 1.9. or later must use the new application appendix. For further information, contact Finnpartnership, contact details are available here.