Stera utilized Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support

Stera Tecnologies Oy utilized Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support to find out the prospects for Indian operations. When Finnish contract manufacturer Stera Technologies decided to expand its business, India was its best option. The group’s most important customers are already there.

Stera is a group specialising in serial production of mechanical and electronic units. It was formed in October 2007 by the merger of Levyosa Oy, Elektromet Yhtiöt Oy, Hihra Oy, Aumec Systems Oy and Beertekno Oy, all long-standing producers of mechanics and electronics.Stera’s CEO, Heikki Ajanko, says that the idea of international expansion came up in the early 2000s even before the merger.
“At that time we reached the conclusion at Hihra that growth in Finland alone was impossible.”

The merger four years ago brought new patterns of thinking. It now appeared logical to study opportunities for growth in Asia. China and India emerged as the leading alternatives. After discussions with customers, Stera opted for India. Among its customers are Kone, Nokia Siemens Networks and ABB, all of which have activities in India.

The initial study of the prospects for Indian operations was prepared by the internationalisation consultancy Finpro, with the support of the Finnpartnership business partnership programme.

Finnfund finances the expansion. Read more on the website of Finnfund.

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