Pajat Solutions Ltd’s data collection system increases effectiveness of cancer screening in India

Pajat Solutions Ltd’s, a company developing data collection systems, and development organisation Plan Finland’s cooperation led to the creation of Poimapper data collection system. Poimapper is currently used in about ten different projects in developing countries – for example in India it is used to support the screenings for oral cancer. Mobile solutions makes healthcare easily accessible and inexpensive in challenging circumstances. Pajat Solutions received Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support for preliminary studies of the healthcare cancer screening system developing project in India.

The Poimapper cloud service is a data collection system that can be used via mobile devices. It can be used to collect data for example in health care fieldwork. The information put into to the mobile device is immediately transferred to the cloud service and is instantly accessible to distant personnel. For example in health care patient information has traditionally been collected on paper and data processing and handling has been slow. Through Poimapper the information which is inputted to the service by the medical staff on the field, can be instantly analysed by a doctor in a hospital anywhere, which means that getting diagnosed does not necessarily require a trip to the hospital. Real-time data can save lives in health care.

Achieving positive development effects with the support of Finnpartnership

Business Partnership Support offered by Finnpartnership is meant for commercial projects in developing countries with positive development effects. The service provided by Pajat Solutions unites responsible business with the chance of achieving extensive positive development effects in the fields of for example health care and infrastructure development. “With Finnpartnership’s support we examined the need of mobile data collection systems in health care and NGOs in India. Thanks to these studies we gained better understanding about the needs in India, which helped us to get a promising start in business after the cooperation with Finnpartnership ended”, explains Pertti Lounamaa, CEO of Pajat Solutions.

68 % of the population of India resides in rural areas and half of them live below the poverty line. Health care and other public services are not accessible to them. 40 % of all cancer cases in India are oral cancers. Diagnoses and receiving treatment is lacking especially in the rural areas.

General practitioners are able to share diagnostic information and instructions for treatment with medical personnel in the local communities via their mobile devices. In many cases the timespan of diagnosis has been reduced from years to days.

The biggest benefit is faster data acquisition, for example in the state of Karnataka the data collected on paper has often been up to two years old because the information does not get registered in any information system. Poimapper enables the medical records to be available for the medical personnel immediately. For example, in cancer treatment this is crucial. The fact that the information is much more reliable and contains fewer errors than when collected on paper is also extremely beneficial. For example, oral cancer images can be automatically connected to the right person when previously the separate pictures often referred to incorrect patient information. Correcting the detected inconsistencies on paper is often very slow and difficult, while when using Poimapper there will be considerably less errors and these can be quickly resolved.

The benefit of Poimapper for patients is that they do not need to travel to distant hospitals for diagnoses but can get adequate treatment even at home.

Networking leads to results

The cooperation between Pajat Solutions and Plan Finland started when Pertti Lounamaa consulted Plan Finland about increasing efficiency by utilising information technology in NGO work . “An agreement about the pilot project in Kenya was made with Plan and at the same time affordable Nokia phones started having GPS trackers, a function that made the service possible”, says Petra Hietaniemi. Included in the pilot phase were also Aalto University and the University of Nairobi, who participated in testing and conceptualising of the service.

Networking with NGOs and universities has been a substantial factor in the development of Poimapper. “The birth of our service is a result of networking. These kind of projects would not be possible without cooperation between companies, NGOs and the academic world”, says Petra Hietaniemi.

Pajat Solutions was awarded the European Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2013 for the SME category on 14th of May 2013 in the Corporate Responsibility event “Ratkaisun paikka 2013”. Pajat Solutions received the award thanks to the cooperation with Plan Finland. According to the the awarding committee, the basis of the project has been to solve a globally significant problem: how to transmit and analyse information about, for example distribution of food and water or spreading and treatment of diseases in developing countries.

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