A Vietnamese ICT company found partners from Finland

Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking Service helped a Vietnamese ICT company TMA Solutions (TMA) in finding new clients from Finland.

TMA is a leading software company based in HCM City with 1,500+ engineers and more than 16 years in providing quality software services for global companies in various industrial sectors. TMA’s customers come from 25+ countries and most of them are long-term engagement. “We have successfully completed many large and complex projects for global companies in the telecommunications, retail, finance, logistics, healthcare, and media & publishing sectors” says Quang V. Bui, the Senior Manager of business development in TMA.

According to TMA’s website, its customers are among others Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Ericsson, IBM, Samsung and Siemens CMT.

New clients from Finland

In 2011 TMA registered to Finnpartnership’s Partner Search database, where all the companies registered to Matchmaking Service are listed. The database is a part of Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking service, provided free-of-charge, which companies can utilise to find new partners in Finland and in developing countries.

“Finnpartnership is a good channel for a company like us providing opportunities to work with Finnish software companies. We got very good support from this Business Partnership Programme.”

Up to this date TMA has found two clients from Finland with the help of Matchmaking Service. According to Quang the company is looking for new clients/partners in Europe having the needs for software development and testing.

Companies can engage with TMA in a pilot project or project-based model, in which the client provides TMA with project requirements. “Then, if the customer finds their needs are compatible with TMA’s offering they can switch to a long-term relationship in which the customer has a dedicated team at TMA to act as a virtual extension of their engineering team”, concludes Quang.

Vietnam’s uprising ICT sector

Privately owned company TMA Solutions was founded in 1997 in Ho Chi Minh. According to TMA Solutions’ website it currently has customers in 25 countries. In addition to Vietnam, it has offices in the USA, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

Vietnamese ICT sector has grown rapidly in recent years. In addition to lower cost level in comparison to other countries, Vietnam has put a lot of effort on ICT training and education. “Vietnam’s young and well-educated population contributes to the country’s rapidly growing software export. Sixty per cent of the country’s population is under the age of 30 and the literacy rate is above 90%. There are about 60,000 ICT graduates per year in Vietnam, resulting in a large talent pool for Vietnamese software companies.”

There has also been strong support from the government for the software industry which helps to provide tax benefits, training and education, and software and high tech parks. Vietnam has also adopted many international quality standards and methodologies for software development and testing.

Many leading companies in the ICT sector have already bought services from Vietnam. Competition, however, is fierce. According to Quang, the competition needs to be taken seriously. “Our current challenge is the lack of organisations to help promoting the software industry and connect Vietnamese software companies to overseas clients.”

Co-operation has run smoothly

One of TMA‘s clients is Finnish Tehostaja Oy that provides SMEs cloud-based location services and process management applications. Saila Laitinen, Tehostaja’s COO, tells that connections to Vietnam were found through Finnpartnership’s Partner Search database.

“A consultant contacted us to present TMA and its initiative to us. Back then we didn’t need a new partner, but later on when we were searching for a new partner, I went back to TMA’s profile.”

Tehostaja had earlier bought software services from Romania, but now they wanted to create a more cost-efficient partnership. According to Laitinen, the fact that Finnpartnership had done a background check of the company, made it easier for them to make the decision of starting the co-operation. Finnpartnership uses external experts to do background checks for some companies that are listed in Partner Search database.

“The company seemed reliable and co-operation started smoothly. Tehostaja and TMA are in contact weekly. TMA reports to Tehostaja and makes suggestions, and Tehostaja in Finland makes decisions accordingly. “According to our experience from these past six months, we can say, that TMA is a professional partner that listens to its clients.”

Tehostaja’s experience from Vietnam has been so positive that they are currently considering establishing an office in Vietnam.

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