Statistics, reports and presentations

Finnpartnership’s results.

Finnpartnership operations are carefully monitored and documented. Using these links, you can review statistics, reports and presentations.

Operational reports on the Finnpartnership programme

Operational report 2020 (in Finnish)

Operational report 2019 (in Finnish)

Operational report 2018 (in Finnish)

Operational report 2017 (in Finnish)

Operational report 2016 (in Finnish)

Operational report 2015 (in Finnish)

Operational report 2014 (in Finnish)


Execution and development impacts of business partnership support projects

Development impacts 2014 projects (in Finnish)

Development impacts 2013 projects (in Finnish)

Development impacts 2012 projects (in Finnish)

Development impacts 2011 projects (in Finnish)

Development impacts  2010 projects (in Finnish)

Development impacts 2009 projects (in Finnish)

2009 LKTn I seurantaraportointi 2011

2008 LKTn II seurantaraportointi 2011

2008 LKTn I seurantaraportointi 2010

2007 LKTn seurantaraportointi 2010

2006 LKTn II seurantaraportointi 2009

2006 LKTn I seurantaraportointi 2008


Brochures and presentations


Brochure on Business Partnership Support

In English (pdf 2MB)

In Finnish (pdf 2MB)


Brochure on utilising Business partnership support for import projects from developing countries

In English (pdf 2MB)

In Finnish (pdf 428 KB)


Brochure on Matchmaking service

In English (pdf 200 KB)

In Finnish (pdf 369 KB)

In Swedish (pdf 286 KB)

In Spanish (pdf 320 KB)

In French (pdf 321 KB)

In Vietnamese (pdf 333 KB)

In Portuguese (pdf 139 KB)

In Russian (pdf 418 KB)