Nepal Country Day recording is now available

In May, Finnpartnership organised the Nepal Country Day in cooperation with the Kymppi project. The recording of the event can now be viewed on the Kymppi project’s website: 

The hybrid event organized in Rastila Manor in Helsinki brought together 30 participants on site and 82 participants from Finland and Nepal via remote connections. Companies and organizations working in Nepal talked about their experiences and the opportunity to utilize partnerships was discussed at the event. 

Finland’s ambassador to Nepal, Pertti Anttinen, told how relations between Nepal and Finland have been adapted to the post-corona period. 

Naresh Shrestha from Nepal Pavilion Group told how Nepal has tried to create good conditions for foreign investors. There are good opportunities in Nepal, for example, for services, tourism, construction companies and mining and energy companies, and Shestra sees great opportunities especially in hydropower plants. 

Leo Stranius spoke about the responsibility of companies and said that in Nepal, especially small companies need to develop their responsibility. Stranius believes that responsible business will gradually support the profitability of companies in the future. 

Mikko Malkavaara from the Dalit solidarity network talked about Nepal’s caste system and how important it is for companies operating in Nepal to be aware of the situation and act actively against discrimination against casteless Dalits. 

Kati Ruskola, Nepal expert of the Human Rights Foundation of NGOs (KIOS), explained how the situation of those in a vulnerable position is taken into account and what different funding mechanisms and tools are available to monitor the human rights situation. 

Finnpartnership’s Axel Sointu presented the business partnership support that Finnish actors can apply for economically profitable business in, for example, Nepal.