New service for creating consortia

9 February 2021

Finnpartnership supports the initiation of consortia based on commercial projects. This effort is executed in close collaboration with Business Finland’s Developing Markets Platform and Fingo. The consortia should include at least three Finnish actors. In addition to consortia of companies only, the ambition is also to support the creation of multi-stakeholder initiatives that include Finnish companies and NGOs and/or educational institutions. NGOs also have the possibility to include sister organizations operating in the target country.  

The two avenues for project support and funding consist of Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support and the Developing Markets Platform by Business Finland.   

The Matchmaking service provided by Finnpartnership functions as a potential foundation for the creation and development of consortia. The database includes around 500 companies in the developing markets looking for Finnish partners, and ideally a joint offering can be developed based on the needs and expertise of these companies.   


Now we are searching partners for the following companies:

Castle Construction Company Limited (CCCL), Bangladesh

  • CCCL is currently looking for a partner for a 30MW solar power plant located in the north of Bangladesh
  • There are both ongoing and future large-scale dredging projects executed at the Bay of Bengal that require dredging equipment and solutions
  • More information on CCCL: See CCCL’s Matchmaking profile


Kuunika Electrical and Solar Contractor, Malawi

  • Looking for partners for renewable energy projects with an emphasis on solar energy solutions
  • Biogas solutions have an increasing market potential, e.g. solutions to meet the energy requirements of educational institutions
  • More information on Kuunika: See Kuunika’s Matchmaking profile


More information on consortia initiatives:

Axel Sointu, Grants Coordinator, Finnpartnership
axel.sointu(a), tel. +358 40 596 9877