Monitoring visits to be added to the follow-up procedures of Business Partnership Support projects from 2021

8 October 2020

Business Partnership Support is funding for commercial projects granted through Finnpartnership programme, and is a part of Finland’s official development cooperation. The use of development cooperation funds is strictly monitored. In addition to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the use of development cooperation funds and the achievement of intended goals is followed by several external parties, including international actors. Business Partnership Support projects are systematically monitored throughout the project’s life cycle utilizing the reporting of the support recipient as well as follow-up reporting. In addition, occasional project visits have been carried out.

Starting from 2021, the execution of project monitoring visits will further systemised to apply to an equivalent amount of projects each year. Monitoring visits will be annually conducted to 5 to 6 projects that represent different project types as well as projects where the amount of granted support has been larger than average. A separate tool will be utilized for the selection of projects to be visited, and the visits will be conducted by a representative of e.g. Finnish embassy, local Business Finland office, the Foreign Ministry, or Finnpartnership. For further information, please email