Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ e-Services and identification to the service will be renewed

4 June 2020, updated 11 June 2020

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ electronic services have been be moved to a new so-called Online service, where it is possible to operate on behalf of the company with e-Identification. This may cause some problems when signing into the service – below you will find instructions on how to use the new Online service as well as instructions on the e-Identification and granting mandates.


Online service

The old e-Service will be closed during the summer and even though the service still works, it is recommended to start using the new Online service and also take care of the mandates for representing the company on the company’s behalf. In the new Online service, the forms related to the application for Business Partnership Support are filled in directly in the browser. At the moment, the commitment form, basic information sheet and reimbursement request form are available online. Other forms, such as project application and Notification of Amendment forms are filled in as before with an Adobe form and uploaded to the new Online service. The pdf forms can be found from Finnpartnership’s website here. User instructions can be found from the Online service. In the new Online service, improvements have been made with regards to for example form names and formats.



Addresses to the online service and identification options:

Address of the new Online service: – You can use either Katso ID or e-Identification, if the company has already granted mandates on behalf of the company. N.B. e-Identification for foreign companies will be taken into use at the end of June.


Address of the old Online service:  – Log in with a Katso-ID (the service will close during the summer).


Identification for the Online service

Access to the Online service requires identification. For the time being, organisations and businesses need a Katso ID to log in to the services (this option can be found from the bottom of the identification page) but e-Identification will be taken into use shortly. Please consider granting mandates on behalf of your company and choosing the matters that the mandate concerns. In order to use identification on behalf of the company, a mandate is needed (please note that also private entrepreneurs need to grant mandate to themselves to present their company). Therefore, the company needs to grant the Applying for subsidies (Finnish: Valtionavustuksen hakeminen) mandate to the person who will be handling the Business Partnership Support application process on behalf of the company. If the matter is urgent, we recommend that you sign in to the service with an Katso-ID and grant the mandates as soon as you have the chance. service is run by Digital and Population Data Services Agency (The Finnish Digital Agency), who is also responsible for customer support for the service. If you have any questions about the service, please contact Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Customer Service for Organisations (phone +358 295 53 5115 (mon-fri 10am to 3 pm; email:


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