Meet companies from the developing markets in our new digital meetings!

7 May 2020

Starting this May, Finnpartnership together with its partners will organize digital meetings for companies in Finland and in the developing countries. The partner candidates from the developing countries can be found from Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking database.

The digital meetings will be joined by a local company, Finnpartnership’s local collaborative partner consultant (“company spotter”), a representative from Finnpartnership and a Finnish company, or several companies from both countries, if the companies wish so.

For Finnish companies: if you find a partner from the Matchmaking database that you would be interested to meet, please don’t hesitate to contact Juho Korkiakoski (, who will give you further details and instructions for the meeting. The actual digital meeting will be organized by Finnpartnership’s local company spotter, who will contact your company to schedule the meeting.

International cooperation is more important than ever, and the digital meetings are a safe way to enhance international business and to meet a business partner from the developing countries while staying in your home office!