Target Group Ltd

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Construction and civil engineering

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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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Certifications/quality standards

Somali Federal Government and ISO

Year of registeration


Number of employees


Annual turnover

0.5-5 million €

Annual balance sheet total

0.5-5 million €

Already engaged in international business


Percentage of international business

over 50 %


Cooperation proposal

The company operates in energy and construction and is looking for Finnish and other international partners for knowledge and technology transfer and joint offerings for larger projects.


Target Group LTD provides a range of professional services for energy and construction projects. The company operates in: Energy sector
  • Supply and installation of generator sets, transformers and electric cables and all spare parts to electricity power supplier companies
  • Capacity building training for technical personnel (electricity power supplier companies)
  • Supply and installation of Solar solutions (solar street lights, solar air conditioners, solar water pumps)
Construction sector
  • Design and construction of real estates, private sector premises, community centres and government institutions

Markets and customers

The company has a well-known brand and has good connections with both Somali business people and Somali federal government institutions.