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Find new business partners via Matchmaking search!

Finnpartnership introduces companies operating in developing countries that are currently seeking business partners in Finland. Use the Matchmaking search engine to browse the information on cooperation opportunities by country and industry. The information on the companies is available in English. You can contact the companies registered on the Matchmaking database directly using the contact information on their profiles. When contacting the companies by email, you can include Finnpartnership in the CC field (, which allows us to support your communication with the company in question if need be or offer potential updated information associated with the company.

Please notice that it is always recommended to conduct due diligence prior to entering into a business partnership. Finnish companies or other operators are eligible to apply for Business Partnership Support to do this. Support may be granted for starting business activities that aim to establish long-term, commercial cooperation that is profitable.

Request a digital meeting with a Matchmaking company!

Find your company a potential partner from our Matchmaking database! Tell us which company you are interested in and Finnpartnership can arrange a digital Matchmaking meeting via Microsoft Teams for you. Finnpartnership also attends the meeting and offers information about its possible financing for the first steps of the project.

When you find a company that interests you, send the name of the Matchmaking company as well as your contact details to one of us:

Business Partnership Lead Axel Sointu

Programme Director Birgit Nevala

Describe briefly in the email why the specific company interests you, what in the company’s profile caught your attention and what in your company’s products or services would interest the Matchmaking company in question.


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Matchmaking search

Using the Matchmaking service below, you can search for business partners by country and/or industry.

Other services

In addition to the Matchmaking database, cooperation opportunities can also be explored using the Team Finland Market Opportunities service. If you are looking for an expert who knows the market of your target country please take a look at Expert Search service provided by Business Finland.