Finnpartnership’s development impact report 2022 has been published!

Finnpartnership’s development impact report for 2022 has been published (in Finnish). The report presents impacts and results from 55 projects that received business partnership support funding in 2018. Supported projects were executed in 28 countries and 15 different sectors.

The projects under reporting have taken place in the period 2018-2022, and the COVID pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have created external instability for project execution. However, many projects have fulfilled their goals and produced considerable impacts.

For instance, projects have resulted in 47 new business partnerships in the form of establishment of new companies or various types of cooperation agreements. Projects also facilitated 10.2 million euros in target country investments. A total of 2931 people have been employed in project target countries, of whom 989 were employed directly. About half of the projects had impacts on target country market and production structures.

In addition to economic impacts, projects have also had significant environmental and social impacts. Several projects have tackled questions of equality and environmental impacts. Around one third of projects have influenced target country infrastructure in one way or another.

Read the development impact report here (currently only available in Finnish).