Finnpartnership supports networking between the Women Entrepreneurs of Finland and women entrepreneurs in developing countries via financial support and contacts!

8 April 2021

Women entrepreneurs in the emerging markets are excited to respond to the growing demand for different services and to find buyers for their sustainably produced quality products as well as raw materials in the nutrition and cosmetics industries.

The financial support of the Finnpartnership programme (Business Partnership Support) encourages Finnish companies to start long-term business partnerships with companies in the developing countries by, for example, importing, starting joint ventures or through franchising or licensing partnerships. There is demand in the service sector in for example elderly care, early childhood education, support and training services of companies, welfare services etc. The aim is to advance sustainable development with the help of business and this way create permanent and responsible jobs in accordance with the goals of Finland’s development policy. Finnpartnership offers companies a way to operate as part of development cooperation: to create positive development and at the same time succeed using the company’s own expertise. The maximum amount of support is 200 000 € or 400 000 €, depending on whether the support is considered to be de minimis support.

Come and hear more about Business Partnership Support at the Women Entrepreneurs of Finland’s Finnpartnership info webinar on May 25th at 10:30-12:00!

Register via this link by Tuesday, 18th of May. Please note that the event is aimed at companies/organizations that are eligible for applying for Business Partnership Support, which means that they need to be registered in Finland, or have a substantial tie to Finland through ownership.

At the event, we will also tell about the upcoming seminar organized later in the autumn together with Pakistani and Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs. At the seminar, the aim is to find an interesting partner to as many Finnish and local women entrepreneurs as possible. After the current situation with the pandemic has subsided, there will possibly be a separate delegation visit to Sri Lanka by women entrepreneurs where they will have the chance to meet new potential partners from both countries.

The world is near – let’s succeed together! The time to build a foundation for cooperation is now.