Finnpartnership paves the way for Finnish companies to EU projects and investments in developing countries


Finnpartnership will open the Global Gateway financing round and advisory service in early 2023. The goal for the next two years is to support 15 Finnish companies to establish projects in specific target markets, with the aim to include the company’s own pilot or reference project, which is financed with the help of Finnpartnership. The specific target countries of the campaign are Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The share of grant funding depends on the target country and the size of the applicant company (e.g. 50-70% available for SMEs in all countries). The size of the campaign projects is around 100,000 – 300,000 euros.
With the help of the reference project and the on-site counselling and networking carried out in collaboration with Team Finland, it is possible for companies to get involved in wider EU-funded entities, other international development funding, or business consortia projects. In the near future, Finnpartnership will inform in the newsletter, and through other Team Finland partners, about opportunities in the target countries that will open up and are being prepared. At the beginning of 2023, the possibilities related to digitization will be the first to open. The form of the campaign application follows the existing conditions of the business partnership support, but the application is made faster by the ready-made project template. Stay tuned with our newsletter!
More information: Birgit Nevala, Programme Director, birgit.nevala(a)