Finnpartnership organized three successful Doing Business with Finland seminars in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia in April



Doing Business with Finland seminar is an easy and inexpensive way for Finnish companies to start discussions with companies in developing countries.


In April Finnpartnership participated in Zambia’s Agritech Expo fair and organized three successful Doing Business with Finland seminars in Zambia’s Lusaka, Botswana’s Gaborone and Namibia’s Windhoek.

Doing Business with Finland seminars tell about Finland as a trading partner and introduce companies to Finnpartnership program’s Matchmaking service, which enables companies in developing countries to find business partners in Finland. Each Doing Business with Finland seminar had both local and Finnish companies and other actors as participants. In accordance with Finnpartnership’s Doing Business with Finland concept, Finnpartnership presented Finnish actors who had submitted their marketing material to Finnpartnership at the seminar. As a result of the seminars, dozens of new discussions between Finnish and local companies have been opened and the connection work is still ongoing.



Birgit Nevala from Finnpartneship at the Doing Business with Finland seminar in Lusaka

Doing Business with Finland seminar held in Lusaka, on 11 April 2018, had nearly 80 participants. Finnish companies that were presented came from, among others, the agriculture and forestry sectors. The local partner of the seminar, Zambia Development Agency, invited local companies from the matching sectors.


President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu visited the booth on Friday. Picture: Matti Väänänen, Embassy of Finland in Lusaka

Finnpartnership, Embassy of Finland and Business Finland had a joint booth at the Agritech Expo Zambia fair (12-14 April 2018), where Finland and Finnish companies got visibility. The biggest b2b trade fair in Zambia had a lot of visitors and the Finnish department received a lot of interest. On Friday, the booth was visited by the President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu, who told that there is a huge demand for Finnish forestry expertise in Zambia.


Ambassador Kari Alanko spoke at Gaborone’s Doing Business with Finland seminar

On Tuesday 17 April, Doing Business with Finland seminar was organized in Gaborone, Botswana together with Team Finland South Africa and local partner of the seminar Botswana Investment and Trade Center (BITC). The seminar focused especially on the sectors of agriculture, clean tech, education and ICT. The import part focused on the meat and tourism sectors. In addition to the two Finnish companies who attended, the seminar featured twenty Finnish companies who had sent their presentations to Finnpartnership. The presentation slides of the Finnish companies attracted a lot of interest and there was a lot of bustle around the Matchmaking table.


The DBF seminar in Windhoek gathered more than a hundred listeners. Picture: Gina Figuiera

Like the seminar in Botswana, Windhoek’s Doing Business with Finland Seminar, on 19 April, focused on the sectors of agriculture, clean tech, education and ICT. The seminar gathered around a hundred listeners, and besides nine Finnish companies and other actors a total of 26 companies were introduced. In addition, several Finnish actors presented their ongoing projects in Namibia and the Namibian company Rent-a-Drum told about their experience about working with a Finnish company Molok.


Swarming around the Matchmaking table during the coffee break in Windhoek’s DBF seminar. Picture: Gina Figuiera


Finnpartnership is happy to present Finnish companies and organizations in Finnpartnership’s upcoming Doing Business with Finland seminars in the autumn. If you want to be presented at our DBF seminar, please send two PowerPoint slides of your company/organization  to Finnpartnership. The slides should include:

1) Picture of the product or an illustrative picture of the service and a short introduction.

2) Name of the company and contact information (a webpage is not enough)

3) A definition of what kind of business partner the company/organization is looking for.

Slides should always be sent by the deadline indicated. The announced deadline is absolute, as Finnpartnership will have the slides printed as a two-sided brochure. This way, an equal service can be offered to all companies present. The purpose of any shared slide is to get a relevant business contact in return.



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