Finnpartnership invites Finnish companies to discuss agricultural development, food security, and rural challenges with IFAD on October 1, 2021

12 August 2021

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is a specialized United Nations agency and an international financial institution investing in the food security, nutrition, and livelihoods of rural people in the developing world. Finland and IFAD maintain a long-standing relationship of cooperation and participation, and Finland is closely engaged in creating the building blocks for IFAD’s financial innovation and sustainability.

A particular area of mutual focus is the expansion of IFAD’s engagement with the private sector. In that vein, IFAD is seeking to start a cooperative dialogue with interested actors in the Finnish private sector. The primary aim of this dialogue is to develop an enduring platform for collaboration and partnership between IFAD and Finnish companies to address challenges in IFAD’s work environment. The platform is an opportunity for companies to showcase their work in relevant areas, and may also lead to opportunities for pilot projects with IFAD with the potential support of Finnpartnership. IFAD is particularly interested in Finnish companies whose expertise centers around information technology and can be relevant for rural lives and agriculture. Roundtable conversations will cater to the areas of expertise of participating companies, and may include such groupings as digital tools for precision agriculture and natural resources administration, financial technologies for rural populations, solutions for climate change and agriculture, digitalization and small-scale farmers, and others.

Finnpartnership is pleased to host IFAD and interested private sector parties at a digital roundtable event on October 1, 2021 from 12 to 14 Helsinki time. At this event, key technical experts from IFAD will share some of the challenges faced by IFAD programmes and Finnish companies will have an opportunity to engage on potential solutions.

IFAD, Finnpartnership, and other Team Finland actors are excited to develop this partnership with you and also welcome you to connect with us one-on-one to discuss the partnership in further detail.


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The deadline for registration is 28 September 2021.


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